Tuesday, April 10, 2012



"With great power comes great responsibility. This is my curse. Who am I? I'm Spiderman."I have been enjoying what they are calling, "IPhone Photography" I take pictures using my iPhone camera, than use an app called "Camera+". You can then mess with the temperature, highlights, contrast, etc.. right there while you are waiting for your turn at the Dr. After messing with that there are 28+ filters you can use, and over a dozen different frames. This picture of Cooper in Gabe's Spiderman mask may actually be the AWESOMeST picture I have EVER taken. I love it!! and I fully admit a little disappointment in the lack of responses on FaceBook when I posted it. I think I shall blame it on the fact that I feel many are getting tired of FAceBook and I send Great Big Snaps in Addy's direction for hanging true to the Blogging. 

Here is our Dentist Princess! She did great for her first time and has NO Cavities. Yay me!Everyone at the office fell quickly in love with her...like that is hard to do? She was super excited for a pink and purple toothbrush, but was also very willing to be done. 

It has been Spring Break this last week, and even though i was laid up with Cellulitis in my leg, I tried to get out to the park with the PippSqueaks a few times. We had fun at the Municipal Park in Roy and even got to spend some time with Nanna. At the end of the week I did have to revisit the Dr about my leg. I don't know... was it worth it?

Love this one of Nanna and Paisley. She is looking at Nanna So sweetly. 

A last minute trip to Idaho proved to be and adventure. It was cold and windy, but we love visiting Grandpa Erv and Grandma Debbie. We love the warm fires, and endless cartoons. 

Jake has a mission companion whom has had some success in the writing industry. One of his series is called Monster Hunter. Each one of our children have one of these, "There's No Monsters Under My Bed!!".

Love this picture of my Mom "Grammie" and Paisley. Paisley absolutely ADORES her grandmas! Of course, she is completely ADORED by them in return.